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As a general rule, psychotherapy is useful for us and our loved ones when we are blocked from being able to work, play, and love. With our kids, it is often when there is more than just a passing mood or behavior problem only at home. It can feel strange to come to the point of seeking a professional. I offer a free initial phone conversation to review your options, including therapy. Feel free to contact me to discuss whether treatment could help you and your family. 


If you decide to come to treatment, the first session typically takes 90 minutes and reviews your current situation, history, and goals of therapy in more detail.  You will be asked to review and fill out several forms, which you can print and do ahead of time, online and e-mail (at your risk) or during the first session (I have copies).   


1.  Welcome - This overview gives basic information about my practice including approach and office location.

2.  Consent - This describes the process of therapy in detail, including therapist and patient responsibilities.

3.  Intake - This covers everything I need to know in order to help you, including current and past symptoms.

4.  Privacy Policy - This ensures that your information will be kept confidential and explains exceptions.



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