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We may have been on this road for some time before we seek help. It takes courage to choose to look at ourselves with new eyes, to admit that things are not where we want them to be. My approach allows for a certain amount of normal struggle but when we feel stuck, talking with the right psychologist can help.


Suffering can range from  just feeling "off," to include relationship problems, substance use, and acting out in ways that we don't feel proud of.  I typically begin treatment focusing on relieving these symptoms, and this "heavy" phase requires commitment. Later, treatment can focus on  acceptance and growth within relationships. 


My style is fairly straightforward and even compassionately irreverent. 


I completed my residency at a public hospital in New York City. This along with two years at the Palo Alto Veterans Administration has trained me to focus on patient strengths as a driving force of treatment. I specialize in entering this space using myself as a tool to tap into possibilities. It is a challenge to be human, and we have made it this far. Now may be the time to see what is happening and find some space to be ourselves.


If you would like to discuss whether working with me could be of help at this time, please contact me.  



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