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Kids & Families


Families are systems and my approach includes seeing and treating the family as a whole. Becuase of individual differences- events, and changes including illness/death, divorce and puberty can be difficult for each member to experience in their own way. My aim to is to help parents be in charge while finding a way to give voice to each member.


Frequently, families come to therapy when there is a concern about a child's inner life or behavior. Symptoms such as difficulty sleeping, recurrent worries, and feelings of irritation may appear at different times and for different reasons. Common behavior problems that extend to school, such as being disruptive in class or a sudden academic drop can have more complicated roots within the child and the family. It is common for parents to feel vulnerable and guilty at such times and our work together can help the family grow stronger.  


Please contact me if you would like to discuss if treatment could be helpful for you and your family. 



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